We all need a release in life to help us deal with day to day stresses and significant events that happen along the way. But when we no longer have control over these releases in our life, issues can start to arise  and what once was a release can start to become harmful to you. This could be smoking, drinking, food, gaming, gambling, sex and the list could go on.  This can be really scary accepting that you are no longer in control of what may have started off as in innocent crux to the stresses we face in life, but I totally have your back in eradicating these issues to have you living an addiction free life. 


We all know now that smoking is bad for your health that it kills you slowly and it can be a huge financial drain, yet it can be incredibly difficult to stop. We also know the benefits of giving up better health, saves a fortune of money, reduces aging of skin, the list could go on and on. So why is can it feel virtually impossible to quit? The reason why is because habits such as smoking are so hard to give up are because these habits are stored in our sub-conscious mind. Our sub-conscious mind runs 100% of our behaviours. It takes a lot more than just will power to be able to give up a sub-conscious habit. Your sun-conscious does not know that smoking is bad for you, instead it can start to expect you to smoke with your morning coffee, or when you get in the car to drive. The good news is by working with the sub-conscious mind we can change these learnt behaviours. Just remember you weren't always a smoker, this was something your brain learnt and if it can be learnt, it can sure as hell be unlearnt. 

How can I help you?

The good news is that you were not born with these issues, what you are experiencing now is from conditioning that you have experienced at whatever stage in your life. All behaviours are learnt and the great news is this means they can be unlearnt and new behaviours can be made. 


I use a selection of techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapist and life coaching. These techniques work directly with the sub-conscious mind so are very effective at behavioural changes. 

During hypnosis your mind is so relaxed that your subconscious is able to receive and welcome suggestions and changes to update the way in which you perceive yourself; subsequently being able to correct any negative thought patterns and beliefs you may have. 

As a result you will be able to begin to challenge these old belief systems to create new more positive affirmations about yourself.