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Body Acceptance & Self Love 

We are living in an epidemic of women and men who do not love their own bodies, where we are confronted with ads on how to get a 6 pack, or how to lose your mummy tummy, different juicing diets and pills the list could go on!!


We live in a world where the perceptions of what a healthy body should look like is fractured so many different ways. Rather than focusing on the mindset issues which result in poor relationships with food, exercise and our physical well-beings, the diet industry capitalises on these weaknesses and it profits into the multi-billions. 

The diet industry has become so ingrained into our society that it becomes a part of our identity, so that you become the person that is always on a diet, such as slimming world, weight watcher etc......  you are ultimately set up to fail. These fad diets do not get to the sub-conscious issues that are causing the symptoms of over-eating, under-eating, not exercising enough, exercising too much, eating out of boredom etc. 

The word diet can trigger emotions of restrictions, deprivation, cravings. I want you to think about how our sub-conscious processes the word lose. We are wired to process the word lose as a negative experience, we don't want to lose our phone or our keys. We don't want to lose anything in life. So as soon as we say we want to 'lose' weight we are already setting ourselves up to not achieve our desired results. 

How can I help?

The good news is that you were not born with these issues, what you are experiencing now is from conditioning that you have experienced at whatever stage in your life. All behaviours are learnt and the great news is this means they can be unlearnt and new behaviours can be made. 


I use a selection of techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapist and life coaching. These techniques work directly with the sub-conscious mind so are very effective at behavioural changes. 

During hypnosis your mind is so relaxed that your subconscious is able to receive and welcome suggestions and changes to update the way in which you perceive yourself; subsequently being able to correct any negative thought patterns and beliefs you may have. 

As a result you will be able to begin to challenge these old belief systems to create new more positive affirmations about yourself. 

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