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Work with me 1:1 in

The Alchemy of Healing Transformational Programme.

Are you ready to live the life you know you are meant for? A life NOT dictated by your internal struggles?


The Alchemy of Healing Transformational Programme is a personalised container helping you break free from the cycle of anxiety to live a life of internal freedom. 

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Introducing The Alchemy of Healing Transformational Programme

The Alchemy of  Healing Transformational is a 1:1 Programme that will re-programme your sub-conscious

to learn how to step into your higher self and start your healing journey from barely surviving to a place of thriving

and living the life of alignment free from the you that identity’s as your trauma.

Healing from trauma can feel isolating, like your trapped in a dark echoing tunnel and there appears to be no way out.

It can feel suffocating and all consuming and lonely as hell. You very well may be feeling guilt, shame, worthless, sadness,

numbness, angry, anxious, fearful, Trauma responses are overwhelming, trauma responses can effect you in so many different

ways, anxiety, depression, lack of self esteem and confidence.


I use integrated modalities combining conscious and subconscious tools and techniques and energy based principles and healing to really get down 

Packages are designed personally to your needs, with you the client being in the heart centre about what is right for you. Everything that we do together will be entirely led by you and this will discussed in our consultation call.

This programme is designed for people who experience symptoms of self esteem & confidence issues, obsessive behaviours, weight issues, stresses, depression and anxiety

You were NOT born anxious, this is a learnt behaviour, which means you can UNLEARN it!

This programme is meant for you if you need to:   

  • Break free from the cycle of anxiety & stress. 

  • Break free from limiting self beliefs & negative self talk

  • Feel happier, feel calmer, more centred and grounded.

  • Find inner peace and contentment and enjoy life again.  

  • To create a positive mindset.

  • Regulate your nervous system.

  • Create gratitude for your life. 

If you said YES to any of the above, this 1:1 package is the PERFECT fit for you!

I don't believe in co-incidences, you are reading this because how ever you are feeling right now you have an inner desire and calling to finally break free from the dark clouds looming over you. I know how scary it is investing in yourself, I honestly had the exact same fears. When I invested in my first therapist I was like holy f*ck what have I just done. But I had a reached the stage where I couldn't afford NOT to invest in my healing. I couldn't afford to stay stuck in life running these programmes. It was stopping my from living my full potential in life. 

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The Packages


​The Lotus Package - £499

  • 4 x 90 minute zoom sessions fortnightly for 8 weeks.

  • 1 x Discovery Call

  • Contact support in between sessions.

The Crown Package - £949

  • 8 x 90 minute zoom sessions fortnightly for 16 weeks.

  • 1 x Discovery Call

  • Contact support in between sessions.

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So why choose me as your therapist? What makes me different to all the other therapists/coaches/mentors?

Because I will be your BIGGEST cheerleader and supporter throughout this transformational journey.
Having been through this journey myself I know how much it means to find the support to get you out of this anxiety hell hole you find yourself in. 

I work holistically with the mind, body and soul. No stone will be left un-turned to guide you to where you want to be. I use a WHOLE RANGE of tools and techniques that facilitate these transformations. 

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So if the answer is no you also can't afford to stay stuck any more then click below to book

your free discovery call. 

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