Alchemy of Trauma Healing 90 day Transformational Online Programme

Learn how to step into your higher self and start your healing journey from barely surviving to a place of thriving and living the life of alignment free from the you that identify's as your trauma.

Healing from trauma can feel isolating, like your trapped in a dark echoing tunnel and there appears to be no way out. It can feel suffocating and all consuming and lonely as hell. Its overwhelming, trauma responses can effect you in so many different ways, anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, lack of self esteem and confidence. 

Do you resonate with any of the following?

* Do you have no get up and go? Wanting to stay curled up in bed all day?  

* Waking up and feeling the physical effects of anxiety straight away, tingling, chest pain, heart racing, palpitations,  throat closing up, upset tummy, headaches, numbness in body and emotions.

*  Do you check your reflection in a  mirror and instantly have self negative feelings and thoughts about yourself? do you criticise how you look? do you criticise who you are as a person? Do you even know who you are? Do you have a sense of worthlessness and lack of self esteem. 

* Feeling totally alone in your trauma and what you have been through. 

* Feeling all consumed by inner negative talk cycles. 

* Long term high levels of running stress programmes manifest into dis-eases that can be debilitating. 

* Paranoia, feeling totally out of control. 

* You wonder how there is a way out of this hell hole, you may have even tried other healing modalities before and it hasn't worked like talking therapies, affirmations, meditation, working out, CBT, DBT, energy healing. 

* You wonder how you will ever feel genuine happiness, if you have even been happy, do you even genuinely laugh? You question if you have ever been happy. You question what you actually enjoy in life. 

You dream of a life where you: 

* You are just you, you are no longer "Rebecca who was sexually abused as a child" you are no longer a victim or slave to their trauma, it is no longer who you identify as. 

* You feel calm, centred, you have inner peace and contentment with your own self exactly how you are. 

* You LOVE who you are inside and out, you've made peace with yourself. 

* Your nervous system is calm, you no longer tap your feet or fidget. 

* You have gratitude for life and see lessons and opportunity for growth and expansion in testing times. 

* Your life feels balanced and abundant in all areas, finances, career/ purpose, relationships, health, physical mental health, spirituality, social, charitable, creativity, home life.

Introducing Alchemy of Trauma Healing 90 day Transformational Programme. 

1:1 Coaching programme where you have access to me personally in-between our twice monthly calls. I use integrated modalities combining conscious and subconscious tools and techniques and energy based principles and healing to really get down 

Power House
We will work with BOTH the sub-conscious and conscious brain. Sub-conscious re-programming works with the 88% of your brain that gets neglected in talking therapies and this is where  we run 100% of our behaviours. 

Our sub-conscious brain is our best friend, it only wants to protect us and keep us alive. It isn't there to keep us happy. We are not always consciously aware of where our trauma responses come from or where the route cause to certain behavioural problems stem from. With regression we can safely go back in hypnotherapy to route cause, heal the inner child and cut cords with any association with this event. 

Parts Therapy

Do you ever feel torn that one part of you wants change but another doesn't. Parts therapy brings all parts together to mediate to enable you to break free and move forward from trauma responses such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, disassociation, addictions and so much more.

Sessions are completely client led and I use an extensive range of tools to form an entirely personalised to your needs programme. 

This programme is for woman and men who are wanting to break